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Language and Cultural Immersion Program in Nepal

Many think of Nepal as a country of high mountains, deep gorges and beautiful valleys. Little do they realize that nestled in these valleys and mountains are communities whose cultures are vibrant and fascinating to observe and immerse yourself into. A trip to Nepal without knowing these unique cultures would be incomplete.

The language and cultural program gives you the option of knowing Nepal intimately. By learning a local language you will be able to communicate better with the locals, know their mentality and contribute in your project effectively. You will be surprised how learning just few words can make a lot of difference in bridging the communication gap that exists between you and the locals, who will not understand English. When you visit different sites in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal and stay with host family as part of the program, you will augment your experience of Nepal even more.

Language and Cultural Immersion Program is an excellent opportunity for you to be fully immersed in a new culture, tradition, history, and a way of life and embrace it. Such an experience will teach you the importance of tolerance towards people of different race, religion and culture. It is also a great opportunity to learn new languages, try new cuisines and promote cross cultural brotherhood.  

Many former volunteers have said the immersion program really helps them understand Nepal better and gives them the confidence to work with the local people. That is the reason many recommend the program to new volunteers just starting their projects in Nepal.