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Laura Marie Coroff

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Hi my Name is Laura from France. I spent one month in Nepal but I was lucky to volunteer in two different projects. It was really good project and well-coordinated! I went to an orphanage in a small village not too much far from Kathmandu. I felt blessed to be welcome by Rita sister and the children. I was helping them for cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning. But more than that I shared beautiful moments with the children, we were doing games and a lot of drawing. I really enjoyed being with the kids of the Orphanage. I had a lot of hugs and love from this big family.

Then, I went to a school in Kathmandu for two weeks where I had the opportunity to make the children discover the French language. They were excited to try a new language and we had a lot of laughs by trying to pronounce some complicated French words. During the lessons we were also talking about environment, sustainable development and climate change. I also got a lot of love and shared very good moments with that children that gave me a lot. Before leaving they made some sweet cards that gave me tears, they are amazing kids. I had a wonderful moments all the time with kids, I will love all things that I have done in Nepal. I enjoyed spending time and teaching English with them.

To finish, leaving at the volunteer house was a very good experience. I was feeling like at home, enjoying the opportunity to share my room with volunteers from all over the world. I also had Didi (big sister) that is cooking delicious food for us and make us feeling like at home. I have learnt a lot about culture, traditions and social behavior they follow. This was one of the most unforgettable moments in my life.

Thank you ICYE Nepal for providing me a wonderful experience and as well as good coordinating for everything.