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Lukman Hakim

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My name is Lukman Hakim. You can call me Lukman. I am from Indonesia. My place of residence in Pekalongan, Central Java. I am one of the college students in Semarang. I attended the Volunteer program in Nepal. This international volunteer is included in the PPL program at my school and with the Dejavato Foundation organization in Indonesia. I joined this program because I wanted to add to the experience and add to the relationship in Nepal. The ICYE organization is an organization that is indeed the same as the Dejavato Foundation, only if Defatato Foundation is in Indonesia while ICYE is in Nepal. With this ICYE program, the benefits are very great for me personally. Moreover, Miss Pratima, as the ICYE staff, was very friendly with the volunteers. Mr, Sujan and Didi, they were very friendly. Indeed, for the past two months I have been a volunteer in Nepal. I live with Host Family. My host family is very friendly. Mr. Lok who makes me laugh every day, Mrs. Projeena who made me food every morning and night, Pratik and Pronik who often quarreled every day. Mr. Family Lok is very friendly and of course here they are my third family. The first thing is my family in Pekalongan, Indonesia, the second is my family in my school, Semarang, Indonesia. Here I am not only teaching by delivering material. But also teaching with games that really make them happy. The teachers at school are also friendly. Mr. Sunil who guides me every day is very happy if I teach in class well. The students there were also very happy. I am very happy and this is my experience here, Nepal. That is all I can tell, I am very grateful to them for welcoming us here kindly. Thank you very much all. I like Nepal.