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Mai Anh

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Teaching English Project:

“My main voluntary task was to teach English for underprivileged children at Baishinavi Secondary School in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. However, to tell the truth, my students taught me many things about life than I taught them English. These precious lessons were about caring, patient, responsibility and love, which I could not learn from school in 14 years” 

Host Family:

“Staying with Lok’s family was an opportunity for me to discover Nepali culture through language, delicious food, unique traditions and hospitable people. What made me the most comfortable was that my host family treated me like a truly family member, not a guest or a volunteer. They taught me their language, shared with me their stories and they were willing to help me get through any problems I would have for my first time in Nepal”


“This was my first time in Nepal where I didn’t know anyone nor speak the language. At first, I was quite nervous and anxious and didn’t know what I should do or shouldn’t do because of the totally different culture from mine. However,  Ms. Santoshi, who is coordinator of ICYE in Nepal, helped me to cope with these problems. She enthusiastically guided me in respect of my task, asked me if I had any problems and responsed quickly whenever I contacted her. Without her and ICYE-NEPAL, I wouldn’t have completed my job and enjoyed my first journey to Nepal”