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Our Programs

NVCYE Program offers a unique opportunity for those people who are keen to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Himalayas, the nature, the rich cultural diversity and the simple life style in one of the most beautiful countries of the world. NVCYE Program has organized most of the volunteers programs in beautiful valleys and hilly regions where volunteers are expected to contribute their efforts and enjoy a tremendous natural beauty along with the friendly behavior of Nepalese people. A combination of travel, adventure, exploration and contribution will surely make your Nepal stay ever-lasting memory of your life.

Volunteering is giving your time and energy to do something that will benefit others. For engaging in such humanitarian activity, volunteers will not get paid but will learn new skills, gain invaluable new experience and meet other people. Volunteers can either commit a short time to a volunteering project or a long time. This depends on the spare time they have. Every day, millions of people are involved in volunteer work, but clearly there is a need for even more.

In Volunteering Abroad program, volunteers will choose to go to another country to volunteer. This will mean flying to another country and living a week or more in a new setting to learn about a new culture, landscape and also to work in the chosen volunteer project. Often, volunteers choose to go to a developing country where there is a big demand for volunteers to work in projects like teaching, health care, childcare and conservation.

If you are over 18, healthy and have a big interest to travel, learn, immerse in other culture and help the disadvantaged, you can be part of the volunteer program. Unless you are in projects like healthcare, you do not need specific skills to volunteer. 



ICYE’s main program is the long term exchange of young people, aged mainly between 18 to 35, who are with or without qualifications or skills. As a long term volunteer, you will live in another country with a host family or in a residential project. There are many volunteer placements for you to choose from. For instance, you can teach in a rural and underfunded school or work in an orphanage to help orphaned and disadvantaged children.

The long term volunteers will stay in Nepal for 5 to 10 months. During this time, volunteers will work in a project, learn new skills, meet new people, travel to different places inside the country to learn about the landscape and culture of the people, and make a meaningful contribution in a volunteer program.

Volunteers who want to stay in the program for a period of 5 months or more need to arrive in the month of January or August.

Volunteers who want to stay longer than (up to 10 months) will need to arrive in August.

Long Term Volunteer Program (6 -10 months)

NVCYE Program provides long term volunteer programs to increase cross-cultural understanding between the volunteers and the local communities. Our programs also promote social and economic development of local community as well as awareness and education of many issues, including conservation, general health. We also work with orphanages to ensure the children who live there reach their full potential.

Program Structure

Two weeks Orientation Program:

(for Long Term Volunteers)

NVCYE Program provides a 2-week orientation program. In the first week, volunteers will learn Basic Nepali in a fun and interactive way. You will practice your Nepali with local people and other fellow volunteers. Learning Nepali will also enrich your stay in Nepal and make you time more meaningful. Similarly, you will also go on local sightseeing tours and visit famous temples and stupas in Kathmandu during the first week. The people of Nepal are deeply religious. In these visits, you will see a wonderful glimpse of people going about practicing their spirituality.

Schedule for second week program:

Participants will head for a small village called Syuichatar, which is located in the North-east part of Kathmandu and is about half an hour walk from Kalanki. This location is carefully selected to give our volunteers unique taste of the rural culture of Nepal. Volunteers will find the village still untouched by modern development and the people very friendly. After the village stay, volunteers will leave for Chitwan National Park. On the way, you will do white water rafting in Trishuli River. At the Chitwan National Park, volunteers will ride on the back of an elephant to go inside the forest to spot tigers, rhinos, elephants and deers. Volunteers will learn about the culture and tradition of the Tharus, the main ethnic group of the area, through village walks and watching cultural dance shows.

Note: Two weeks orientation program can be organized for STePs Volunteer if they show interest to participate in it.

STePs: NVCYE short-term volunteer abroad program  (2 -16 weeks)

NVCYE Program offers STePs for both young and older volunteers as well as for group volunteers for a short period of time. NVCYE hosts STePs volunteer to provide them volunteer experiences in the area of education, childcare, health and conservation. Majority of volunteers join our STePs program as it provides the best opportunity for cross-cultural learning in a short period of time.

For how long can I volunteer?

STePs projects can last between 2 and 16 weeks – all year round

How old do I have to be?

Placements are open to all persons aged 18 years and above – no maximum age limit

Where will I live?

Most STePs volunteers will live with local host families selected by NVCYE Staff in Nepal. A few placements are in residential projects or in independent or shared flats with other international volunteers. Breakfast and dinner are usually provided by the host family and lunch by the voluntary service placement.

What do I get besides the volunteer placement?

Our host country ICYE Staff will:

  • pick you up at the airport and provide you with an in-country orientation,
  • introduce you to your host family and voluntary service placement,
  • stay in touch and provide assistance throughout your stay – emergency numbers provided
  • evaluate your project and drop you off at the airport at the end of your stay.

Who are Volunteers?

There is no such thing as a typical volunteer. Our volunteers come from diverse background and have many skills or no skills. Some have just left their high school or are seeking new experiences, while others are looking for new challenges to improve their skills. Our volunteers will need to be:

  • Flexible, open-minded and hands-on
  • Must be willing to learn
  • Committed to volunteer project

Our volunteers do not need to have:

  • Specialized skills
  • Work experience
  • Foreign language skills (although you must be able to understand and speak English)
  • Experience of international travel

All these skills and experiences are what our volunteers will gain when they volunteer in Nepal.

You can join the program if you are:

  • Between 18 to 35 years of age
  • Willing to commit for 5 to 10 months
  • Open minded and willing to immerse in Nepalese culture
  • Willing to adjust to new environment
  • Motivated and passionate about helping disadvantaged people
  • Trying to take a break from study and willing to learn new culture