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Tribhuvan University Central Library was established in 1959, which is the best and largest modern library in Nepal. In 1969, the British Book Department Council rated it as one of the best libraries in Asia. The library is also regarded as the largest one in the entire Asia pacific region. According to TUCL, it comprises about 400,000 resources, including books and periodicals from the 12th century and rare collections like Bibliotheca Himalayica.

The library is generally visited by about 1500 general readers. Amongst them, 1000 are the students from the Tribhuvan University. Students conducting research or writing book or those preparing for Public Service and government service exams are core readers. Citizens of any nation can become the member of the library for which it charges a very small amount of money.

Unfortunately, the devastating earthquake that struck in 2014 in Nepal damaged the library severely along with taking over 8000 Nepalese lives. The library management committee is doing its best to reshape and rearrange the library accordingly. However, the achievement is still little and needs the support of the volunteers from around the world. After joining this project, you will contribute to rearrange the books in the library accordingly.

Roles and Responsibilities of the volunteers:

Volunteers will carry out varieties of tasks upon joining this project. Some of your major roles and responsibilities are mentioned below:

  • Arrange the book accordingly.
  • Give the book and arrange in row.
  • Check the book available.
  • Maintain cleanliness and Silence of the Area.
  • Observe the project and communicate with the personnel for the other effective activity which is very needed and good to perform.

Food and Accommodation:

Our volunteers participating in TUCL rearranging project will stay with a host family. Our host family is carefully chosen and holds years of experience in the field of hosting international travellers. The host family  is warm welcoming and helpful for the Volunteer’s. They have been working with us for a long period of time.

Volunteers will be provided 3 local meals a day, consisting breakfast, lunch and dinner. Traditional Nepalese cuisines consisting Daal, Bhat and pickle will be served during lunch. Breakfast and dinner will also be provided.  Our host families have basic bathroom facilities and running tap water. Electricity and WIFI facility is available. The host family has 5 members in their family, Grandmother, host father and his wife with their 2 sons. The host family is situated 10 minutes walking distance from the project.

Skills and Qualifications:

No specific skills, qualifications and experiences are required to join this volunteer opportunity in Nepal. All you need to have is a strong willingness to work to rearrange the books of the library. You should also be open minded, excited to learn New Culture, adaptive to new circumstances, easily adjustable and English Speaking. You should respect Nepalese cultures, traditions and should follow appropriate dress-code when at the assignments. Please be reminded that kissing and hugging in public places in Nepal are considered as vulgar.

Community context:

Kirtipur, an ancient city of Nepal, is located 5k.m. south-west of Kathmandu city. Kiripur is one of the famous religious places to visit in the Kathmandu Valley. You get to experience unique and fascinating Newari customs and culture during your stay.

The city is surrounded by several antique villages, historical temples, Gumbas and Churches. It is also a popular area for out of -town students and professors to rent houses due to the presence of Tribhuvan University. As a result, the students and professors from outside are major contributors to the local economy of the Kirtipur City.

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