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First of all I have to thank you and all the staff of ICYE Nepal for the welcome and support.

The farm experience exceeded all my expectations. It is a magnificent place to find contact with nature , disconnect from the hectic life and appreciate a simple and peaceful lifestyle.

The hours of the day are divided between the work in the fields, the meals and time to rest.

I learned a lot about agriculture, I worked on the collection of lentils, peas, harvesting and cultivation of shiitake mushrooms.

Also the moment of meals is very important to tell experiences and exchange stories of our respective cultures.

This experience for me was special especially thanks to the host family. I will always carry Anu, Kiran,Tej and Yas in my heart. They are great people, generous and welcoming.

I consider the time spent with them a precious gift.

I also enjoyed my days off with them, hiking and participating in traditional ceremonies.

Thank you for this amazing opportunities.

I greet you with affection,