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Volunteer Programs in Nepal

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NVYCE offers you the opportunity to experience meaningful volunteer abroad trip to Nepal. Enroll in our Nepal volunteer programs and gain hands-on work experience while experiencing the splendors and making a difference in the life of deprived Nepalese communities. NVYCE offers a wide range of volunteer projects in Nepal. You can choose to join orphanage project, teaching project, teach English to Buddhist monk project, medical/healthcare project, conservation project and work in camp project. Choose one of the above mentioned programs and contribute to enrich the destitute Nepalese communities.

Our participant volunteers in Nepal program will live with the carefully chosen host families and get immerse in the unique Nepalese cultures and traditions. Our host families have years of experience in the field of hosting international travellers and help to make your stay rewarding.

Volunteers can opt to volunteer in the following projects:

agro farm

Volunteer in Organic Farm of Rural Areas

Do you want to help make the world a better place? Are you ready to get your hands dirty and...

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teaching english in pokhara

Childcare Volunteer Program in Pokhara

Looking for a volunteer program that is both impactful and meaningful? Look no further than NVCYE-P's Teaching and Childcare Volunteer...

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tu library

Tribhuvan University Central Library

Introduction: Tribhuvan University Central Library was established in 1959, which is the best and largest modern library in Nepal. In...

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Work Camps

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that combines meaningful volunteer work with cross-cultural exchange in a beautiful...

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conservation project

Environment Project

Devote your precious time and skills in restoring the fast depleting forests in Nepal by joining this environment volunteer project...

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medical project

Medical/Healthcare Volunteering Program

As a medical volunteer in Nepal, you will have the opportunity to work in public and community hospitals, providing crucial...

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monk teaching

Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal

Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal and help them become proficient in this international language. Therefore, the young monks...

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teaching project

Teaching English in Nepal

Are you a teaching enthusiast? Are you looking for a teaching project that will enhance your ability while giving back...

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Child Care Project

Thinking about travelling and volunteering abroad in Nepal? How about working in a childcare center in Nepal? If the thought...

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