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Youth Exchange Program

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volunteer exchange program

Cultural exchange in a foreign country is the main theme of ICYE PORGRAM. If you spend duration of a month or above, you get the deep understanding of a way of life of the local people in a new country. Your participation in root level of our volunteer projects help boosts your self-confidence, attain satisfaction of helping others and grow network with the professionals.

NVCYE- PROGRAM offers cultural exchange program to both Nepali youth and international participants. The out-bound exchange program offers interested Nepali youth an opportunity to enroll in intercultural learning activities aboard with ICYE program affiliated countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Please check out the detail list of the ICYE exchange program participating countries on www.icye.org   .

Out-bound exchanges:

Since our establishment, ICYE Nepal has been providing an amazing opportunity to participate in volunteer work abroad programs to interested Nepali individuals and group. The volunteering abroad period is 6 to 12 months.

There are certain qualifications and skills required for joining our volunteering abroad projects. You are required to be the age between 18 -24 and should be passionate for out-bound exchanges. Candidate must have good English speaking capability, open minded, flexible and ready to adjust in new environment. Candidate should have involved in Volunteering and must have any kind of graduation degree.

The candidate selection procedure will also conduct from the office by taking interview and receiving NC’s also takes skype interview for the acceptance.


NVCYE’s inbound volunteer program in Nepal provides volunteers with an amazing opportunity to increase cross-cultural understanding between the local communities and volunteers themselves. Our Nepal volunteering projects also promote socio-economic development of the local communities through awareness and education, conservation and general health campaign. We also work with orphanages to ensure the children get needed care and attention that they truly crave and deserve.

Individuals holding passport of ICYE members’ countries get the opportunity to join long term exchange volunteering program in Nepal for a period of 5 – 10 months. The program basically starts from August for 5 to 10 month.

NVCYE offers several types of volunteering experience to international volunteers in Nepal. You will live with a host family and engage in rewarding humanitarian work. No specific skills, experience and qualifications are required for most of the projects. All you need to have is an open mind and a commitment to do something positive for local communities. You don’t even need to speak Nepali or perfect English. However, to join medical/healthcare volunteer program in Nepal, you should be a medical professional or a medical student and should show some medical credentials.

Your Host Family:

NVCYE manages your host family in collaboration with the local partners. Our host families are carefully chosen and possess years of experiences in hosting international Volunteers. The living conditions and facilities of the placement depend on the volunteering project and placement in Nepal. Never expect luxurious accommodation facilities in Nepal. Most of the host families have electricity, if not it can be arranged. However, you may not get internet facility.

One should not expect luxurious accommodations while working as a volunteer in Nepal. In most cases, volunteers will share a room with the volunteers of same gender. Volunteers of different gender are not allowed to share a room unless they are a married couple. Some members of host families may be able to communicate with you in English. Room will be clean, comfortable and well ventilated. Most of our past volunteers have stayed with their host family as a son/daughter or a brother/ sister. We expect that you also treat them likewise.

Whatever volunteer program in Nepal you enroll in, you will take home with tons of memories and satisfying moments. Making local friends and gaining new perspectives while helping them to lead a better life gives you an experience of a lifetime.

Please be reminded that staying with host families are never meant to be like staying in hotel. It is therefore important to follow the family rules during all times. This is also a noble gesture that shows you respect your host family and appreciate their hospitality.

Rules to be followed in host family:

Please do not use alcohol or any kind of drugs while volunteering in Nepal program and staying with your host family. If your host family asks you to take alcohol, please take it with care, as most of the locally made alcohols are very strong.

  • As most of the Nepalese follow Hinduism, Cow is considered holy and also a national animal. Please be reminded that consuming any dry beef meat or asking for it can cause problem for you.
  • The Nepalese society is orthodox and not influenced by western culture. Please follow proper dress-code. Dress conservatively and avoid any kind of dating or romantic activities with any members of the host family.
  • Please do not use facilities of the host family (TV, radio, VCR, bike, etc.) without their permission. Always keep your doors closed when you go out.
  • Please clean all your clothes and dishes yourself.