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Valentin Pehlivanlar

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Life in a monastery is pretty scheduled. They wake up very early to pray at 5:00 during 1 hour, but I only wake up at 6:00 for the breakfast. I was first surprised that they eat a soup (with tibetan bread, which is so good) for breakfast, but it was actually really tasty and each morning I was looking forward to having it!

Then I had to teach from 7:00 to 10:00 to 3 different classes of different levels. I had a lot of difficulties with the youngest one, as they couldn’t say a word in English…I asked not to having them anymore as they would benefit more from a nepalese teacher than from me. English, mathematics, geography and music were the subjects I chose to teach. I actually learnt with them to place a lot of countries on the world map. Music was the preferred subject in general.

After class I spent time reading a book of personal development, taking notes, going for walks with monks and having deep conversations with them.

It was very cool to hang around the monastery, as this place was just so beautiful.

Dal Bhat was of course the main dish for lunch and dinner, but again, I was looking forward to having it, really tasty.

In the evening, I went to bed earlier than what I was used to, at around 20:30 – 21:00 to be fresh for another day with the monks !