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Long & Short Term Volunteer Abroad Program

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long term and short term volunteer program

NVCYE’s volunteering experiences in Nepal are best suitable if you are keen to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Himalayas, the rich cultural diversity and the unique day to day life of the warm Nepalese people. Our most of the Nepal volunteer projects are located in beautiful valleys and hilly regions. As a volunteer, you are expected to contribute to improve the living standard of the people and enjoy a tremendous natural beauty. A combination of travel, adventure, exploration and contribution will indeed make your stay in Nepal ever-lasting memory of your life.

Volunteering in Nepal is giving your time and energy to do something that will benefit deprived Nepalese communities. For engaging in such humanitarian activity, you will not get paid but learn invaluable life skills, new experience and meet other people. Depending on your interests, skills and availability of time, as a volunteer, you can either volunteer in Nepal program for a short to long period of time. Every day, millions of people are involved in volunteer work, but clearly there is a need for even more.

In most situations, volunteers choose to engage in abroad volunteering projects. This means that you will fly to another country and spend a week or more in a completely different setting learning new culture, experiencing landscape and also working for a humanitarian cause. Often, volunteers choose to go to a developing country where there is a big demand for volunteers to work in projects like teaching, health care, childcare and conservation.

To be a part of our volunteering opportunity abroad in Nepal, you should be 18-years-old or equivalent. You are also required to be healthy and should have a big interest to travel, learn, immerse in other culture and help the disadvantaged. However, you must be a medical professional or a medical student and should show some medical credentials to join in our healthcare volunteer projects abroad in Nepal.


  • Long Term Volunteer Abroad Program
  • STePs (Short Term Volunteer Abroad Program)


ICYE’s long-term volunteer work in Nepal is the long term exchange of young people (aged 18 to 35). You do not require specific skills and qualifications except medical project. As a long term volunteer in Nepal, you will stay with a host family or in a residential project. There are many volunteer placements for you to choose from. For instance, you can teach in a rural and underfunded school or work in an orphanage to help orphaned and disadvantaged children.

The long term volunteers in Nepal program will stay for 5 to 10 months. During this time, you will work in your specific project, learn new skills, meet new people, travel to different places inside the country to learn about the landscape and culture of the people, and make a meaningful contribution to the Nepal volunteer program.

Please be reminded that participant volunteers wishing to contribute to the program for a period of 5 months or more need to arrive in the month of January or August. If you want to stay longer than 5 months (up to 10 months), you need to arrive in August.

Long Term Volunteer Program (6 -10 months)

NVCYE’s long-term volunteer program in Nepal provides volunteers with an amazing opportunity to increase cross-cultural understanding between the local communities and volunteers themselves. Our Nepal volunteering projects also promote socio-economic development of the local communities through awareness and education, conservation and general health campaign. We also work with orphanages to ensure the children get needed care and attention that they truly crave and deserve.

The world considers Nepal as a country of high mountains, deep gorges and beautiful valleys. However, only a few people realize that the communities nestled in these valleys and mountains have vibrant cultures and customs to observe and immerse into. Your trip to Nepal becomes incomplete if you do not grasp the knowledge about unique cultures, traditions and language of this stunning country. 

Note: Two weeks orientation program can be organized for STePs Volunteer if they show interest to participate in it.

The long-term volunteer projects are dispersed in Kathmandu and Chitwan. You can apply via email or by browsing inquiry page on our website.  There are no specific documentations needed to participate in our program. However, you should produce travel insurance, criminal clearance report, motivation letter and a completely filled application form.

What includes:

  • Introduction camps with language classes: The two week program consists of language class, orientation about Nepal, its history culture and practical tips for the volunteers and some sight-seeing of Kathmandu valley and excursion programs are included.
  • Mid –term camps: 2days activity to share own experiences and to explore Nepal
  • Final Camp: For the 10 months candidates only
  • 1 days Activity to know the experiences, share own experiences and preparing self before going back home.
  • Pocket money /each month
  • Support from NVCYE Staff
  • Pick –up Drop services (from the Airport during Arrival – And to Drop Airport for Departure)

Available projects for long-term volunteering in Nepal:


Volunteer teaching English and gain real world teaching experience working in Nepalese schools. Due to extreme poverty and other tragic circumstances, thousands of children in Nepal are not receiving the education they deserve. There is the lack of sufficient community schools, thus some classes have over 40 students, with unmotivated teachers. There is a constant need of volunteers like you to make the class size smaller and develop curriculum that both engages and teaches the children.

NVYCE designed this project, aiming to help these community schools and deprived children by providing them with enjoyable learning and teaching opportunity. The student cannot learn effectively without recreational activities. When you join this project, you will help the students with forming recreational activities like arts, music, sports, etc. You can work in the Kindergarten/Pre-school, Primary schools, or Secondary schools based on your preference.

To join this teaching project in Nepal, no prior experience is needed. However, you should have a strong passion for working with children. The teachers can also organize other activities like games, dramas and painting.


A rapidly evolving Nepal has forced many families to urbanize in a desperate attempt to find work. Unfortunately, these mass exoduses towards the urban populations have left many children without education, proper nutrition and, most important, families. By volunteering in a Nepali orphanage, you will experience a whole new part of the world and, in turn, change the lives of hundreds of kids with whom you come in contact. No matter where you find yourself stationed, working in Nepali orphanages will provide you an exciting, heartwarming opportunity to improve the lives of local Nepali children while, at the same time, maturing immensely yourself. Trust NVYCE with your adventure if you truly want to save, improve and stabilize the lives of children in Nepali orphanages.

Volunteers will be teaching Basic English language to orphaned children. Volunteers also help them in food distributions, sanitation of children, helping to wear clothes. Volunteers can participate in health education, games, drawing, painting and other creative activities for Children’s development.


The project is located in Rampur Chitwan and organized in village-based nursery. Duties in nursery include seed collection, pruning, weeding, trimming, seed sowing, mulching, care of small seedlings, watering, etc. Some other nursery related activities like fencing; bed preparation etc. can also be carried out simultaneously.

STePs: NVCYE short-term volunteer abroad program (2 -16 weeks)

NVCYE’s Nepal volunteer program offers STePs for both young and older volunteers as well as for group volunteers for a short period of time. NVCYE hosts STePs volunteer to provide them volunteer experiences in the area of education, childcare, health and conservation. Majority of volunteers join our STePs program due to their opportunity to learn cross-cultural practices in a quick period.

For how long can I volunteer?

STePs projects can last between 2 and 16 weeks – all year round

How old do I have to be?

Placements are open to all persons aged 18 years and above – no maximum age limit

Where will I live?

Most STePs volunteers in Nepal will live with local host families selected by NVCYE Staff. A few placements are in residential projects or in independent or shared flats with other international volunteers. Breakfast and dinner are usually provided by the host family and lunch by the voluntary service placement.

What do I get besides the volunteer placement?

Our host country ICYE Staff will:

  • pick you up at the airport and provide you with an in-country orientation,
  • introduce you to your host family and voluntary service placement,
  • stay in touch and provide assistance throughout your stay – emergency numbers provided
  • monitor your project and drop you off at the airport at the end of your stay.

Who are our volunteers?

There is no such thing as a typical volunteer. Candidates come from diverse background to enroll in our volunteer projects abroad in Nepal. Volunteers having specific skills, experience and qualifications are preferred but not mandatory. Some have just left their high school or are seeking new experiences, while others are looking for new challenges to improve their skills. Our volunteers will need to be:

  • Flexible, open-minded and hands-on
  • Must be willing to learn
  • Committed to volunteer project

Our volunteers do not need to have:

  • Specialized skills
  • Work experience
  • Foreign language skills (although you must be able to understand and speak English)
  • Experience of international travel

All these skills and experiences are what our volunteers will gain when they volunteer in Nepal project.

You can join the program if you are:

  • Between 18 to 35 years of age
  • Willing to commit for 5 to 10 months
  • Open minded and willing to immerse in Nepalese culture
  • Willing to adjust to new environment
  • Motivated and passionate about helping disadvantaged people
  • Trying to take a break from study and willing to learn new culture