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Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal

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Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal and help them become proficient in this international language. Therefore, the young monks will be able to speak as well as write in English in order to share their religion with people from around the world. Participant volunteers for this teaching English project in Nepal will also get an amazing opportunity to immerse in Buddhist tradition and spirituality while sharing their love and knowledge of the English language.

Roles and responsibilities of the volunteers:

Candidates participating in teaching English to Buddhist Monks volunteer Project in Nepal will work as an English instructor to young Buddhist monks in monasteries in Kathmandu and Pokhara. This project requires the volunteers to be respectful to the monks and abide by the rules at the monastery.  As a volunteer, you will also witness and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals while organizing games, paintings, drawings, and other creative activities for the young monks.

Duration of project and accommodation

The minimum volunteering period for this teaching English project to Nepalese young Buddhist monks is 4 week. Depending on your interest, skill and availability of time, you can volunteer in this project up to 12 weeks. Participant volunteers of this project will live in separate living quarters of the monasteries, where they are be expected to be woken up early.

Required Skills and Qualification:

There are no specific skills or qualifications required to enroll in this teaching English project to Nepalese young Buddhist monks. This project is best suited for those motivated volunteers who have a strong desire to teach and be acquainted with the lifestyle of Buddhist monks in Nepal. You are expected to be respectful to monks as well as the rules at the monastery. Interest in Buddhism, flexibility, and self-motivation help volunteers to make their stay rewarding. Native English speakers are preferred but not mandatory. If you have sound knowledge of the English language, you can contribute to this project despite being non-native English speaker.

Reviews of the Project

All in all, Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal is a highly rated and affordable project that boasts of a long list of happy and satisfied volunteers who have participated in this program. The program run by the NVCYE is affordable, extremely safe, unique, life-changing, and stimulating because of which they are highly liked and strongly recommended by former volunteers. The fabulous reviews this program are also testament to this fact.

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